About me

Artist’s impression of me. The artist got the gender wrong and a few other details, but otherwise, it’s pretty good.
My music is often based on keyboard improvisations in a neo-classical style, but drawing on jazz, world music, and Japanese RPGs and anime.

My musical journey is shaped by my particular take on life. I am trying to make more time available to appreciating simple things, and value down-to-earth experience over clever intellectual games.

But it gets difficult to stay true to that, in a frantic and complicated world full of distractions. I find I have to make a special effort to let go — to simplify, and learn to be content with less.

I heard all sorts of music while I was growing up. It began in England, with pop music from the 80s in our car. Then we moved to the United Arab Emirates, and in the 90s, I was exposed to my brother’s tastes in indie and metal music, and techno. When we moved back to the UK, I started listening to classical music, ambient dance music, and jazz.

While things turned slowly from summer to autumn, and finally winter, I was trying to learn the piano “seriously” — never a good idea — with classical music, then jazz, then anime covers. I also made music on computer, starting with Modtracker, then FL studio, Reason, Cubase, and now Logic. But it was all a bit too serious. Many years later, I suppose spring is slowly coming back. But emerging from hibernation, where does that leave me? Absolutely no idea. The world has moved on, but here I am. And there are many new sounds to explore.

Why “accidental” musician? Life isn’t much fun if you take things too seriously. So if music happens, it’s going to be mostly unplanned and accidental — like most of the important things that happen to us in life!

I haven’t established my niche yet. I think it’s going to be a long journey. But I am grateful for any of your feedback and criticism. And I am happy to collaborate!

I have a lot of works in progress, so stay tuned. You can also check out my Facebook and Soundcloud pages.