Celeste soundtrack

My first blog post here. It’s going to take some time to figure out how to show these in a way that looks nice. Meanwhile, thanks for your patience!

I was listening to the soundtrack of Celeste, by Lena Reine, after seeing it advertised on the Bandcamp home page. There’s also an interesting article about it on bandcamp daily.
 There are many things I like about the soundtrack:
  • The production is superb: the synth sounds are crystal clear, and used very expressively — each has its own character.
  • Many tracks leave a strong, punchy musical impression. I am impressed at the seamless transitions between tracks; it’s easy not to notice that the song has changed. Moreover, I felt a sense of emotional narrative between the tracks; I have no idea what the game is about, but parts of it sound like an intense emotional journey, through loss, despair, emptiness, determination, and … peace?
  • The performances are lovely: delicate piano and guitar, and rollocking drums, both electronic and acoustic. (I am beginning to think I can tell whether a composer can play the drums or not, depending on how much fun they sound. I would bet good money that Lena can.)
I admire the soundtrack a lot. In an article on daily bandcamp, I read that Lena studied composition at college — and collaborated on some student dance productions.
(She has a slick website too.)
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